Sunday, May 26, 2013

Far Too Long...

I am one of those people who when you realize you have something in your life (like a blog) that you are not really maintaining with any semblance of consistency or regular investment I tend to simply discard said activity or involvement, because it isn't really of benefit to myself or others; however, I have found that I recently developed a renewed vigor for the practice of blogging and I hope to do so with more regularity in the future.
Having said that, I will now make it a point to invite some key friends and acquaintances to join in reading my regular postings in order to invest more intentionally in a practice which I believe will be of benefit to me and those who read.  My goal is to begin every Monday morning with a regular post, and I have applied my recently renewed vigor by re-titling my blog: The Student.  When I took the Strengths Finder test (a tool developed by people who study organizational systems for a living and who created an exam which would help the participant discover gifts, talents and personality distinctives) I found that my number one Strength was something called, Learner.  What this essentially means is that I love the process of learning.  Learning is a life stance for me, and I believe it has served me well in a wide variety of contexts from school to jobs to relationships to full time pastoral ministry in a church.  Hence, I have decided that rather than have my name boldly written atop my blog, I ought to come up with a snappier and cooler title, thus - The Student.  My blog is my observations, thoughts and prayers, my life lessons, experiences and encounters with ideas, people and God.  I welcome comments and thoughtful engagement of the material that I present on this blog and I look forward to sharing the content both with those who have been reading along, and those will begin to read along in the near future.  

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