Saturday, March 16, 2013

Colorful Encounters

Recently I joined a team of five others on trip to India.  We had several goals on this trip and overall the trip was filled with amazing and wondrous experiences.  There were several things that God taught me while on this adventure.  I couldn't hope to fit them all in one blog post, so, my plan is to first begin by sharing the experience of visiting India with the Seekers Community at WBFMC where I am the anchor teaching pastor, and then I will share several blog posts with pictures included from the trip.  I took over 2700 photos while on this trip and they largely became my journal of experiences. I found myself very early on in the journey struggling to describe what I was seeing, thinking and feeling. So, instead of trying to force out words I let my pictures do the talking for my experience.  I hope that the teaching series and later the series of blog posts blesses those who experience them as the journey blessed me.  These were my Colorful Encounters.

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