Monday, May 16, 2011

Photography for Sale

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Judging Books by Their Covers

It is one of the oldest maxims in history: Don't judge a book by its cover. Often this statement is referenced in relation to people. We shouldn't make assumptions or attempt to categorize people based simply on their outward appearance. The truth of the statement is quite profound and important for how we interact with other people. However, the idea of judging literal books by their literal covers is also important.
Recently, Pastor Rob Bell published a book titled: Love Wins. Before the book had even been published yet there were commentators all over the world (one in particular: Pastor John Piper) who had already judged the entire content of the book by its title.
Apparently John Piper believes he has attained some sort of authoritative status as theologian to the masses (simply because he has a large church and has published several books of his own). The problem is, Piper cannot handle it when other Christians disagree with him.
The best part of the book Love Wins is that Bell asks thought provoking questions, and I love the questions he asks. He has a way of asking questions that actually make me think about my faith, theology and the life of the church. That is a profound gift for the modern church. I only hope and pray that people who tend to lean in Piper's direction will read the book for themselves and not swallow his thoughts as if they are gospel. He is after all a human being like the rest of us (imperfect and not all knowing).