Friday, September 3, 2010

Family Grief

In June my family was shocked at the sudden and unexpected death of my Uncle Mike (my dad's brother). As of Tuesday we found ourselves again shocked as my grandfather (Mike's and my dad's father) Walter died of a sudden and massive heart attack. This has been the most up and down summer I have ever lived. My uncle died, my son Cade was born and now my grandfather has passed away.
We gave our son the middle name Walter after this grandfather. And this grandfather got to meet our son, his first great grand child on July 10th, Grandpa Walter's birthday. Both Walter and Cade were born in Mt. Vernon, WA.
Grandpa passed away exactly one day before he and my grandmother would have celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary. As one might imagine my family is shocked, overwhelmed and deeply saddened having lost two dear family members in sudden ways and in such proximity to one another. Please pray for us as we grieve together, pray together, cry together and hold each other...Grandpa Walt's service will be in the afternoon on Friday September 10th in Spokane, WA.