Wednesday, June 30, 2010


On June 13th, my wife completed the journey of pregnancy by giving birth to our son, Cadence Walter Schaar. He was 7 lbs 2 oz, 20 inches long and he came three weeks early of his due date (July 2nd). Despite coming early he had quite a healthy size and weight.
The experience of watching my wife give birth to our son was one that I will never forget and that has changed my view of the world forever. The beginning of a life is a beautiful and wonderful thing. He came a week in advance of Father's Day! Just in time for me to celebrate my first Father's Day!
On another note, my dad's side of the family has been grieving the passing of my uncle (my dad's brother). He passed away on June 2nd. It was sudden and left my whole family shocked and deeply saddened. The memorial service for my uncle was scheduled for June 14th at 1:30pm in Spokane, WA. The fact that Rachelle gave birth to Cade on June 13th around 9pm was totally God's timing. For my family to experience this birth at a point in time when all of us were (and still are) grieving was a gift from God.
Cadence is a musical term meaning rhythm or timing and this little boy lived up to his namesake. He brought us joy while we were still in the thick of sorrow.
I have had several experiences since Cadence's birth that have granted me special insights into God's timing. I must say that God's timing is perfect.