Sunday, May 23, 2010

One Message Many Metaphors

Currently I serve as a pastoral intern at a Free Methodist Church which is located about an hour north of Seattle, Washington. I have enjoyed working here and have found myself reflecting more and more on my specific giftings in pastoral ministry. I knew that I liked teaching and preaching before I began to partake in these responsibilities as part of my role as a pastoral intern; however, the opportunities that I have had for teaching/preaching thus far have revealed to me that it is more than liking, it might better be called loving. I love to teach and to preach. There is something that just lights up inside of me when I do it.
Beginning next Sunday (May 30, 2010) and continuing through all four Sundays in June I will be preaching a five week sermon series which I have titled One Message Many Metaphors.
The heart of this sermon series will be communicating the Gospel through various metaphors that are found in scripture. My hunch is that the vast majority of people who self-identify as Christians think about the story of salvation in Jesus Christ through predominantly legal terms. This metaphor for the Gospel sees sin as a condemnation or guilt and that the work of salvation in Jesus Christ is a pardoning of our guilt. This metaphor is most definitely there in Scripture; however, it is not the only way the Bible talks about salvation, hence my series.
The five metaphors I will be exploring are as follows: Medical Metaphor, Provisional Metaphor, Victorious Battle Metaphor, Adoption Metaphor, and finally the Lost and Found Metaphor. Each of these various metaphors for salvation has different implications for how the Church is to respond. Should anyone reading this blog post be interested in hearing the sermons they can visit the church website where they will be posted within 5 to 7 days after each sermon is delivered. God Bless!