Tuesday, February 16, 2010


My wife and I recently found out that the baby we will be having this summer is going to be a boy. If had been a girl we would be have been excited, but knowing what it is (boy/girl) is really exciting! The experience of seeing his arms, legs, head, backbone, ribs and other parts on an ultrasound screen was indescribable. His hands were tiny, his mouth opened as he yawned, and he even seemed to smile for the camera at one point. Slowly but surely the reality of the experience is setting in. After the ultrasound my mind was filled with all of the possibilities. Playing catch in the yard (if he is in to sports), walking and talking, reading books together, laughing together, crying together, watching him grow and learn and love and experience life. It is a bit overwhelming at times to think that I will very soon be a father, but it is also very exciting. The experience of sharing in the role of parent with my lovely life-partner, Rachelle, is exciting and fills me with unspeakable joy. It's a boy!