Friday, October 2, 2009

Ben and Jerry

My wife and I have been thinking about buying a second puppy for quite some time and just a few days ago we took the plunge. Our first dog (Benny) is quite a social dog, as far as loving being with other dogs, so we finally decided to stop in a little shop near where we live and we found the most adorable 3 month old little miniature poodle. Benny is a mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle also known as a Yorkie-poo. Our newest addition to the Stanwood Schaar clan is Jerry. Thus, we now have Ben and Jerry! They are quite a pair to behold. Benny has his own personality quirks, and Jerry has, well, all of the trappings of puppyhood (i.e. not yet potty trained, chewing on stuff, and whimpering whenever you are not in his line of sight). At the moment they are sound asleep, Benny on the couch and Jerry in his little doggie bed in front of our warm and cozy wood stove, complete with crackling fire. This peaceful calm and general serenity makes all of the poop and pee clean up worthwhile.

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