Friday, March 27, 2009

Red River Valley flooding

It has been hard to watch the news coming in from the Red River Valley over the past week as thousands of volunteers have laid millions of sand bags in order to prevent the Red River and the Red Lake River from overflowing their levees. It is especially hard for me since I grew up in Crookston, MN, and the threat of river flooding always seems a possibility every spring. I hope and pray that everyone is safe up there and that the flood waters recede.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the future

Well, it is hard to believe that Rachelle and I are nearing the end of our time at Princeton Seminary. I am looking forward to change; however, I must confess that the future is hard to imagine. As it stands I have a conference call with a church north of Seattle (Warm Beach) on April 1st. It is a Free Methodist Church and as far as I can tell it seems like a great church with a lot of potential to be a great first church job experience. I don't know any of the details as of yet or even whether or not they want me, but the Lord has been teaching me to be patient and wait. It is hard. I consider myself a very patient person when it comes to dealing with difficult people, but it is hard to wait and be patient when it comes to future plans. Rachelle and I are trying hard to be open to the options of whether or not we may need to stay in New Jersey for the foreseeable future, or whether we should make our way back west. We could use prayers for wisdom and discernment as we make our way through our options and try to listen for God's voice in the process of discernment!