Thursday, October 2, 2008


It has been too long since I last posted something to the blog, so here it is. The school year began with a bang two weeks ago here at the seminary. There has been lots to do, and I have been kept really busy by classes and field education at a small church 25 miles or so north of Princeton.
I have been reflecting a lot lately on what I have learned both over the last two years and in just the last couple of weeks. During one session of reflection I recalled something my dad said to me once about learning. He said: "Once we stop learning, we stop growing." This short but pithy phrase has stuck with me for years and has often challenged me not to be stagnant, not to just get by in life, but to pursue growth, challenge myself, and seek wisdom and understanding.
Blessed Lord, please teach me to live as you would have me live. Please grant me wisdom and courage. Please speak to me for I long to hear your voice. In all things may my life bring you praise, honor, and glory. Amen.