Saturday, August 16, 2008

a prayer

Dear Lord, I sometimes wonder what I am supposed to do, and maybe it is silly to think that way, maybe not. Either way I sometimes find myself overwhelmed with doubt and frustrated by mistakes I have made. I ask for wisdom to know what I should do in all situations, and the courage to do it. I ask for the humility that allows me to laugh at myself so that I don't take life too seriously. Above all of this I ask that you would speak, for it is in those moments where I sense your presence that I find the purest and most substantial joy. May my life, in all of its complexity and simplicity, bring you praise, honor, and glory. May I be ever aware of the moves you are making in the world around me, that I might seek out opportunities to share in the work you are doing. You are grace itself, and eternal mercy. This prayer I leave in your mysterious and ever present care. Amen.

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