Thursday, August 28, 2008

a baseball disgrace

Recently, a couple of friends of mine and I took a trip down to Baltimore Maryland where we went to see the Baltimore Orioles baseball team take on the visiting New York Yankees. Upon arriving in Baltimore we found the downtown area around the stadium to be quite pleasant. It was actually very pretty. After eating lunch at a nice little restaurant called the Wharf Rat. We made our way to the game. What we found turned our previous hour long experience of Baltimore on its head! It was a shocking and grotesque atrocity!
Outside the stadium there were more vendors selling New York Yankees memorabilia than Orioles memorabilia! On top of that, by observing the masses moving into the stadium you could easily wager that nearly two thirds of the fans were wearing Yankees jerseys, hats, or other clothing! We were even more disheartened to find that when anything happened to go the way of the Yankees during the game, the stadium would erupt with cheers and excitement! Every single inning played host to a chant repeated over and over: "Lets go Yankees!" "Lets go Yankees!" This experience flew in the face of everything baseball is all about! Where was the home town pride? Where were the faithful fans decked out in their orange and black coming to cheer their team on, and heckle the highest paid team in baseball!? They didn't even sing the traditional seventh inning stretch song Take me out the Ball Game. This was probably because of the line: root root root for the home team, if they don't win its a shame. There was acutally a section of the team store dedicated to New York Yankee player Alex Rodriguez! AHHHH!!!! What a stupid idea!
All this is to say, that I was deeply saddened by the lack of enthusiasm for the home team, and I wondered how hard it must have been for the Oriole players to try to mount a worthwhile competition when the crowd would erupt with positive noise every time the opposing team got a hit or turned a double play. I just hope that somehow, some way Orioles fans band together to fight this injustice, and that everyone takes pride in the team they support, never giving in to the gilded and shallow pinstripes whose talent is simply bought and paid for every year and never won through hard work and a team mentality!

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