Thursday, July 10, 2008

I am sorry Mr. Spider

This is a photograph of a small garden spider in its web just off our front patio in Princeton, NJ. As you can see the small spider got more than it bargained for when it decided to construct its web in our front flower bed. After a week of sawing, sanding, staining, and nailing I finished a small wooden shelf unit upon which now sit five small pots with herbs inside the window sill of our front window. During the week I used the front patio as a work area and as you can see my sawdust found its way into the web of this innocent bystander. It is because of my insensitivity to this little aracnid's home that I respectfully apologize to this little fellow, but it sure did make a cool picture!


Rachelle said...

Haha... this is funny.

Anonymous said...

i don't see what is so funny about it. here is a man, contrite with remorse for destroying the home of an innocent spider, who was probably doing the Schaar household a favor with protection from pests.

you are forgiven Sam. rest easy that Mr. Spider has been absorbed back into the cycle of life, that most delicate of balances, to which you unwittingly contributed too early with the demise of Mr. Spider. for if Home truly is where the heart is, and Mr. Spider has no home, we can only assume the worst... May God rest his soul